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About Hobby Troupe

Satiate your creative cravings at Hobby Troupe, your hobby hub!

Obsessed about learning, Hobby Troupe is a perfect knowledge sharing platform. Hobbies are generally neglected in the hustle bustle of life and take a secondary seat. Hobby Troupe aims at creating moments where you excel in skills which have always enticed you. Through various workshops, we want to create a platform where you connect to people with similar interests and share your learning. Don’t let gender or age stop you from finding your tribe!

If you are as enthusiastic about your hobbies and interest, as we are, this is the place for you.

Become a Hobby Trouper by just filling up details about your hobbies and interest. If you think you can train/teach a particular hobby, fill the Train a Hobby form. If you have a keen interest in learning and want to expand your sphere in hobbies, please fill the Learn a Hobby form and you will be informed about workshops based on your interests and choice of cities.